JoelChristopher MasterListBuilder MasterMind Build Your List http Joel Christopher’s MasterListBuilder MasterMind *How To Build Your List of 100000 in 99 Days* video course. Recently 12 of the World’s Leading List Building Experts Were Held Hostage In A Crowded Room In San Antonio, Texas To Show You… &quot;How To Build Your Opt-in List of 100000 In The Next 99 Days…Even If You Have No List, No Website, No Product &amp; Even No Money!&quot; Who are they? They’re the world’s BEST and BIGGEST list builders whom I held hostage in San Antonio, Texas namely: Terry Dean – Terry temporarily came out of retirement just to appear at this rare event.He is one of the grandfathers of Internet marketing who went from delivering pizzas for a living to being one of the top Internet marketers in the world. He was one of the very first people to do a LIVE demonstration of the power of email. I know about it, because I was in the audience when generated $13500 overnight in front of a live crowd! He gave real, documented and UNFORGETTABLE live experience of how to create &quot;Instant Cash Flow on Demand&quot; from an opt-in email list. He built his Web Gold newsletter list to 135000 and had one of the most successful Internet marketing membership sites of all time with over 1500 monthly paying subscribers. In 2004, he sold it all to retire at 30 years old. Mike Filsaime – Mike has stunned the world with his innovative viral marketing concepts called &quot;Butterfly Marketing&quot;. Chuck Daniel is a former Microsoft <b>…</b>

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