The Need Of Mailing List

Mailing list is very essential in postcard marketing. The success of your postcard marketing campaign simply depends on your mailing list. It can simply increase your response rate. The higher response rate means the higher rate of return. The role of mailing list is to know who targeted audience is, whether they are interested in your business or not.

Let’s see some factors that you should consider in your postcard marketing campaign.

  1. Existing customers list
  2. List of people who got discounts from you
  3. Names of customers – still interested
  4. Avoid people who have no interest in your products

What are the types of mailing list?

The first type of mailing list is the in house mailing list. This is the list of people who responds to your business campaign. It is the list of people who have shown a little bit interest in your business such as people inquired about your products and services from your existing customers, or may they contacted you directly for the information of your latest events. A compiled is the list when you screen your mailing list according to the specific characteristics of your prospect.

As you can see how important the mailing list is in the postcard marketing campaign. That’s why before you design your postcard marketing campaign, it is very essential that you buy or create a strong mailing list for you business. If you don’t do that, you can face failure in your marketing campaign. Successful marketers are always looking for the right mailing list.

The right mailing list builds long term and long term relationships with your customers because you know what your customers need and your customers know you are trustworthy. If you send postcards to the people who have no interest in your products and services they will consider your postcard as junk mail or they can even consider your company fake.

Thus, choose right time and choose right people for your postcard marketing campaign. This will enhance your company’s plus points in the market. Postcards are the great way not only to stay in touch with existing customers but also increasing the number of new customers.


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