Postcard Marketing Is The Lowest Cost Marketing Strategy

Postcards come in variety of colors and sizes. The size and colors simply depends on the marketer’s choice. There are many people who still choose black and white postcards. However, today people love colorful postcard marketing. The attractive colors, designs and graphics of postcard make it easy to attract prospect for any kind of business. Many large businesses have been using postcard marketing. They consider it the most effective tool of marketing.

This is one of lowest cost way to stay visible in your targeted audience. That’s why every business should try postcard marketing for their products and services promotion. It is one of the best marketing strategies. There are no issues of small budget with postcard marketing. Anyone who has small business and limited financial resources can use this marketing strategy.

The postcard can be designed by yourself or you can hire a designer. There are some rules and regulations that you should understand before you design your postcards. These rules are set by USPS. You can use postcards for different purposes such as;

Business Referrals

Postcard can be send as referrals. You can send postcard to your targeted audience on a regular basis as referrals.

Announcement of Events

If you have any business event, such as launching of new product, service or branch, business discounts, or any seasonal discounts, seminars, open houses you can use postcards to announce these events.


Postcard can be send to your prospect to soften them. This way you can judge your customer’s intentions before you call them.

Build website traffic

Your postcard should contain all of your contact information and even your business website address. You can refer your website as “to learn more please visit”. This is a great way to increase your website traffic.

Newsletter subscriber list

Postcard marketing is the best affordable way to publicize your business to a number of new prospects.


The one thing that people are always looking for is the “discounts”. By offering them discounts to your targeted audience you can turn their attention toward your business. Use postcards to say thank you to your prospect for their business.

Postcard marketing needs to be repeated on a regular basis. This is great way to familiarize your targeted audience to your business. But if you have an out dated mailing list, your postcard marketing will not work as much as it’s effective. So make sure you are updating your mailing list on a regular basis.


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