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Today I would like to focus your attention on getting your practice noticed through your monthly customer newsletter.

I’ll be showing you the value a monthly customer newsletter can bring to your business and how you can position your practice and business more strongly through your newsletter.

This article tells you about the marketing power of your newsletter!

A newsletter that offers value to your customers can do these things for your business:

1. Make you stand out from the crowd, and position your clinic as the clinic of first choice.

It’s getting harder and harder to differentiate your clinic from others and to get your message through to your customers. Ads are everywhere, in newspapers, on billboards, and on radio and television, and on the Internet.

The opportunity is this: customer newsletters are a simple and cost-effective way to stand out and tell people about you and what you offer. They are one of the strongest marketing and business-building tools available to you.

Customers see newsletters as informational and useful; they treat them with more respect and attention than promotional materials and ads, which are often thrown away before being read.

2. Generate new business from your current or former customers.

I am often surprised how many practices spend the majority of their marketing time and dollars on acquiring new customers when there is so much new business to be gleaned from their current customers. Looking for new clients takes much longer, is much harder, and costs more than it does to market to your current customers.

If you view your newsletter as a powerful marketing tool that can generate more repeat and referral business, you’ll see the full value and potential of your newsletter as a marketing tool.

3. Offer a professional venue for telling your customers “what else” you offer that they can benefit from.

How often have you heard your patient or client say they didn’t know you did this or offered that? A meaningful exercise may be to ask your current clients what they know about the services you offer and things you do.

When you hear that your current clients don’t know about all of the services you offer, you are missing the opportunity to increase your revenues and grow your business. Use your monthly newsletter to tell your clients what else you do that they may be interested in and benefit from.

You could feature a different service in each issue. Remember not to use jargon but rather speak about these services in a conversational way. Be sure to highlight some of the benefits, so they can decide for themselves if they are suitable for them.

Don’t forget to share your patient success stories, along with testimonials.

4. Help you stay top of mind when your customers are ready to get another service or refer to a friend.

It makes good sense to invest in staying top of mind with your current customers; they already know you and have used your services. They have already bought from you before. You don’t need to use much persuasion because their trust and confidence in you is already there.

This is simply about positioning your practice for the next time they need your services.     

Your monthly customer newsletter helps you do maintain and nurture your customer relationships.
Happy customers are usually quite ready to purchase from you again, if they know what your services are!

Remember this..

  • Newsletters with valuable information open doors to your customers.
  • Newsletters bring customers to you.
  • Businesses that have strong relationships with their current customers and are regularly communicating (and marketing) to them are growing.
  • It all comes back to the old adage that people do business with people they know, like, and trust! A newsletter helps people know, like and trust you.

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