Winning More Clients with Trade Show Displays

Trade show displays are a great way to reach potential customers with information about your business. Whether you work from home for yourself or for a multi-level sales industry, a custom display at a trade show can help you to meet people who are interested in buying your products, recruit new people for your sales team, or make new contacts. Trade show booths provide both a creative display and an excellent networking opportunity, allowing you to quickly and easily show off the best of what your business has to offer.

When you’re setting up your custom display, keep those who will be visiting your booth in mind. The goal of trade show booths is to make a quick impression – to grab the attention of those walking by, and to hold it long enough for you to say a few words about your product or industry. Trade show displays should be eye-catching, seasonally appropriate, and visually appealing. Any signs or lettering should be neat, clear, and in an easy to read font.

Trade show booths that feature giveaways or raffles, or those that hand out freebies, are often very popular with those passing by. It’s often easier to offer someone a pencil, ruler, or free hat and then discuss your business with them, than it is to simply waylay the same person with an elevator pitch as they walk by your custom display. Handing out swag goes a long way towards building relationships, and allows you to hold the attention of the crowd for long enough to share a bit about yourself, your business, and why they should purchase from you or sign up for your mailing list.

If you won’t be making sales on the day of the trade show itself, it’s especially important that you set up a method for collecting email addresses. This lead generation strategy will help you build your list quickly, so that you can maintain regular correspondence with potential clients long after the show itself is over. Try to think of a creative way to do this, such as offering a coupon or discount for those who provide their email address, or allowing them to register for a special offer after they add their address. Visitors will also be more likely to join your list if you mention the benefits of doing so – coupons, special offers, and other details.

Trade show displays are a great way to make new contacts, collect leads, and build your email list. Spending a few days a year making contacts at trade shows may help you to grow your business dramatically.

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