Use of Pop-up Displays at Trade Shows

Promoting a business at a trade show can be challenging when there are many trade show booths competing for attention. However, setting up a pop-up display can be an efficient way to catch the eye of trade show attendees and generate interest for a business. Compelling trade show displays function as tools for capturing attention and making a business’ logo and relevant information highly visible. By spending a little money and time, business owners can use pop-up displays to make their trade show booths “pop,” or stand out, among the other booths.

Pop-up displays for trade shows are money and time efficient because they can make a big impact for a little investment. Pop-up displays are available in a variety of styles and at various price points, so business owners can select the ones that best suit their needs and budgets. Pop-up displays for trade shows are designed for easy set up and maintenance. Many simply need to be unfolded or have a few pieces assembled. Some styles are collapsible and light weight for easy travel. Easy set up keeps business representatives free to network, attend presentations and visit other trade show booths. Once they are set up, trade show displays pay off by helping businesses get traffic to their area so they can proceed to network and recruit new clients.

Trade show displays can provide a significant return on the money and time initially invested in them when they make big impressions on trade show attendees. The right pop-up display can bring the right contacts and potential clients to the area that the display is set up in because viewers of the display can clearly see what the business being represented is about, even from a distance. To make the most of their displays, business owners should select pop-up displays that accurately represent their businesses and have these displays customized with their business’ logo and other pertinent information. The display should be set up strategically to maximize its visibility and provide convenience for business representatives and trade show attendees. Positioning the display so it faces an entrance or busy walkway can help get it seen and increase traffic to the area. Keeping the display near the trade show booth housing the business it represents enables business representatives to speak to attendees directly and distribute business cards or brochures.

Business owners who select sturdy and durable pop-up displays can reuse them multiple times at various trade shows and place the displays in a store or office front after a trade show is over. Using a pop-up display at a trade show can increase traffic to the right area time and time again and keep advertising for a business even after the trade show is over.

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