The Most Epic Action Star Ever for Epic Direct

Website: The Epic Direct Network provides the opportunity for publishers of all shapes and sizes to launch prevalent and lucrative advertising campaigns through a self-service marketing platform that supports search, web social media, email and incentivized traffic. There are tons of advertising partners and networks out there, but here are 10 ways the Epic Direct Network stands out from the crowd: Account Management: Advertisers are assigned their own Account Manager who will work closely with them to optimize campaigns and report on results in a timely manner. Publishers: With over 45000+ publishers they have the largest network, but also have a very stringent evaluation process and often turn away publishers to keep their list selective. Brand Protection: They proactively troll the internet looking for search term violations and off-brand display ad placements. Online Intelligence: Using proprietary technology, Epic Direct can, in real-time, better understand the ever-changing web marketplace. Marketing & Creative: Their creative team has won numerous industry awards including "Marketing Team of the Year" at the American Business Awards in 2009. Company Stability: Epic Direct has been profitable since inception in 2000. They’re not going anywhere and take long-term focus with client relationships. Compliance: Their star-studded legal team includes a former staffer from the New York Attorney General’s office; a former cyber crime special agent for <b>…</b>

Source: YouTube

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