"Service" Single Key For All the Locks


Remember what you feel when you visited a store or a bank or at any other organization that is the part of your life. What was the experience, which you felt over there? And what was the opinion about that organization after spending some time or dealing with. Have you ever felt that by what reason you are making this opinion about this organization? If no, my answer will be the service that you got there.

Service is an essential part of the organization, it not only gives the competitive edge to the company also provides the edge to one company over its competitors. Service is only part that helps the organization to practice its relationship management, not only this it also increases the customer loyalty.

Earlier when marketing concept was not evolved on that time people think only about the product betterment and throwing this product to the market, because they assume that better product will sell automatically. And this product and production concept created a myopic situation among the producers but due to this it also became the major cause of Great Recession of the world in 1929.And then evolution of the marketing thoughts or concept taken place, and slowly it getting popular in the world.It also increases the role of service part in product offerings to the end user.

In today’s arena of consumerism everything which we are using are becoming  so identical .Almost all companies  are producing the similar product line with the minor changes or difference, which cannot be under stable by a normal consumer to whom these things or products are getting manufactured.

Then what is the thing that differentiates the one product or company to its competitor .Some people we say its brand name, some will say its quality, some will say its accessibility, packaging etc. Might be for the shorter term these people will be right but if we talk about the longer prospective? Because these all thing every organization have, than what exactly making the difference? Yes it is the service part of the organization that making the exact difference between them and their competitors. There are lots of organization those understand this concept and start practicing, became successful in short span of time.

Service can be divided in to two major part Pre service and Post service. By Pre service we mean that the service associated with the client acquisition and client facilitation till purchase done. And by Post service means that the service associated with the after sales part. So every organization has to understand this concept and should have to make a perfect mix of service blend.


All the big chip firms are practicing and it is the one of the big reason of their success in their trade segments. Those organization wants to be successful they must have to understand the role of service in their product offering to the end-users.

Because service is key for all the locks that making hindrance in the road to success for the organization.



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