Difference Betweens a 9-Cell Laptop Battery and a 6-Cell Laptop Battery

Many people don’t know the difference between a 9 cell laptop battery and a 6 cell laptop battery. Here, brilliantstore would tell you the detail difference, in the hoping that you could choose a battery that fit you laptop well. And BriilianStore have both 9 cell laptop battery and 6 cell laptop battery in many Brands (Dell, HP, Apple, Acer and so on) and many models for your reference.
As we all know, laptops get power from the battery that attached to the computer. And the so call cell is the main components the battery that provides energy for the laptop battery. 6-cell and the 9-cell vary in strength, function and cost as the following shows the details.

1. They are different in the time of holding a charge. The 6-cell Laptop Computer battery charge commonly lasts about 2 to 4 hours while the 9-cell battery charge lasts about 2 to 7 hours.

2. They are different in Physical Size. The 6-cell battery is smaller than are 9-cell. A 9-cell battery may feel uncomfortably bulky on a smaller laptop.

3. They are different in the Cost.  The 6-cell battery is a little cheaper than a 9-cell battery, providing they are in the same brand and parameter.

One more thing, whether you go with a 6-cell or a 9-cell, make sure it’s lithium-ion or a similar newer battery technology. The older battery types, such as nickel cadmium, are lower quality, hold less charge and could explode if charged improperly. Both 6-cell and 9-cell laptop batteries in brillianstore are of lithium-ion.

The popular 6-cell batteries in brilliantstore are,
Original Dell Laptop Battery for Inspiron 14.  With the compatible dell model Number of Inspiron 14, Inspiron 1440, Inspiron 1750, Inspiron17.
And it’s Compatible Part Number is 0F965N, 0F972N, 0J410N, 312-0940, 312-0941,G555N, J399N, J414N, J415N, K450N .

Replacement Battery for HP Pavilion DV4 DV5 DV6 484170-001. This HP Pavilion DV4 and DV5 replacement battery has excellent discharge characteristics and keeps going longer than with other types of batteries, works with your HP Pavilion to reduce power consumption. It could recharge in your Pavilion DV4 or Pavilion DV5 using the AC adapter, whether the Pavilion is on or off. It could charge up completely, even if the Pavilion DV4 or Pavilion DV5 battery is not fully discharged. It is 100% compatible with your original HP Pavilion laptop battery.

Lithium Ion HP Laptop Battery for ProBook 6540b. This is also HP battery with Compatible Model Number of Compaq 6535b, EliteBook 6930p, ProBook 6440b, ProBook 6445b, ProBook 6540b, ProBook 6545b. And with the compatible part number of 484786-001, HSTNN-UB69, HSTNN-XB24, HSTNN-XB59, HSTNN-XB61, HSTNN-XB68, HSTNN-XB69, KU531AA.

The popular 9-cell batteries in brilliantstore are,

11.10V 7200mAh Lithium Ion 9 Cell Dell Laptop Battery for Latitude D620 Series. It is compatible with the following Dell Part Numbers: 312-0383, 312-0384, 312-0386, JD634, JD648, PD685, RD301, TC030, TD117, TD175, UD088.

Laptop Battery for Dell XPS M1530 and 1530. With the compatible model number of XPS 1530, XPS M1530. And with the compatible part number of 12-00622, 312-0622, 312-0660, 312-0663, 312-0664, 312-0665, GP975, RU006, RU030, XT828, XT832.

Dell Laptop Battery for Latitude E6400. With the compatible model number of Latitude E6400, Latitude E6400 ATG, Latitude E6400 XFR, Latitude E6410, Latitude E6410 ATG, Latitude E6500, Latitude E6510, Precision M2400, Precision M4500, Precision M6400. And with the compatible part number of 312-0748, 312-0749, FU441, FU444, FU571, HJ590, KY265, KY470, KY471, KY477, MP492, MP494, PT650, PT653, WG351, XP394.

Comparing the two (9-cell and 6-cell) will help you decide which is best for your laptop. There are lots of batteries in different brand and for different model in brillianstore. There should be one that meets your need.

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