Anti Guru Online Marketing Guide-Manual Book Making money online is such a big topic that it has become an industry unto it’s self. A lot of people make money, off of people interested in making money with the web. I have a problem with a lot of those people. They write their info books as if they are instruction manuals, and that all you have to do is follow the lines and you will make a million. The reality is that making money online is possible, but it does take work. This book is for those of you who understand that. For those who are looking for someone willing to shoot straight with you. See, the online "Gurus" as they have come to be called, like to sell you a big BS story. It’s the Beer commercial method. Drinking beer will not land you a super model, buying their info book will not make you an overnight millionaire. I am selling you my knowledge on online marketing. I am not making you any promises. I can only say that if you want a good chance of changing your life by starting an online business, you need a guide. I would like to be that guide. 1. Forward 2. Prepare thyself 3. Prepare thyself 2 4. Why me and not some online money guru? (Sections 1-4 are about my reasons for writing the book, and what you can expect.) 5. Free vs Hosted 6. Site Solutions (5 and 6 are about what you can use to do a site.) 7. Dealing with money online 8. Affiliate or your own products? 9. Coming up with a product 10. Topics (aka, what are you going to do the site about) 11. The 3 types of sites 12. Keyword <b>…</b>

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