Cash Buyer – How To Find Cash Buyers For Your Real Estate Deals – Cash Buyers List For Real Estate Investing Is Critical to Your Success. Here’s Are Some Ways to Build Your All Cash Buyer List. Who To Look For People with money but not enough time. * Rehabbers * Contractors * Rental Property Owners/Buyers * Wholesalers * Homevestors Franchisee * Professionals – Doctors, Lawyers, etc.. * Country Club Members * Retirement Accounts Where To Look: * Real Estate Investment Clubs * Newspaper * Bandit Sign Ads * Online – craigslist, * MLS – Cash deals in past 90 days * Title companies * Closing Attorneys * Public Records Quick Tip To Building Your Buyers List: * Landing page – website * Direct mail * Bandit signs * Biz cards Most Important: Ask if they would like to be placed on your priority buyers list (the serious ones will), and write down the types of properties they are looking for, the areas of town, and all of their contact info (email, phone, fax). MOST IMPORTANTLY – ask if they can close with cash immediately. As real estate investors, building a cash buyers list is crucial to your success as a . Remember, even if you don’t have a property available you are still able to build a database of qualified buyers. So no more excuses. Cash buyers are an investors dream because of how easy it is to work with him. If you simply dedicate 30-90 days of marketing to build your list, you should end up with a very comfortable portfolio of investors. Again, this is Frank Chen with Please take the time to leave your <b>…</b>

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