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Mobile marketing can deliver clear and measurable outcomes. There are more than 300 million mobile subscribers, and growing,  in north america, representing approximately 90% of all adults. Worlwide, over 70% of the earths population owna cell phone. Studies indicate day-to-day use of sms has quickly migrated into older age groups, with as much as 50% penetration among boomers. After voice, sms is the most ubiquitous mobile technology. The technology crosses all age groups. Landline, TV advertising, even standard desktop computer advertising is taking a back seat. People want quick and easy access. The message to be deliverd head on, right to the point. Mobile marketing does just that.

Mobile marketing  techniques are astounding especially given the cost effective nature of the campaigns, it goes deeper than that. As a result of the personal nature of mobile marketing businesses will be able to connect with their customers on a personal level that has been impossible to attain up to this point and time.

For the first time in the history of marketing, businesses will truly have a legitimate chance to make their customers feel like they are truly part of the business. Like they are a true friend or family to the business. How? Traditional forms of marketing such as print, direct mail, radio & tv, and online lack a personal touch. When you see print marketing or receive a piece of direct mail, or hear a radio ad or watch a tv commercial, or come across on online ad do you feel apart of that business or feel like you have a personal connection with that business in anyway? More than likely, no. Well consider this: what about when you receive a text message? Is there is anything more personal than that? Subconsciously when our Text message indicator goes off, we think of a personal nature, rather than email with its more ‘spam’ nature. It is just a natural reaction.

So jump on this opportunity as local Mobile marketing is an untapped business. The potential is unlimited. You can suceed. it does require some effort. This is not a push button scam. You need to work but once you build a base, everything else wil fall in place. Read More About it here and make your own assumption.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/marketing-tips-articles/local-mobile-marketing-4507288.html

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