Is Niche Marketing A Scam or Can I Really Make Easy Money

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Niche Marketing is it a scam? Well easily answered no its not. Niche marketing is simply a label of a popular type of marketing found on the Internet. Niche marketing its self is not a scam as it doesn’t require any investment.

I have been using Niche Marketing for a couple of years now. I’m not rich but it is considerable second income and i can now sit back and it runs its self.

Niche Marketing is the idea of developing a website or information surrounding a certain subject or ‘Niche’ for example surfing! By providing information and entertainment on surfing you can get a lot of people viewing your info or ‘traffic’.

Once you have this traffic to your information then you can start the making money part of niche marketing by providing advertising and links to products which you will get a commission on if a sale is made. So with your surfing site you could be advertising surfing videos, magazines, surfboards, surf lessons of which you get paid for without providing any of the product or service.

This is what makes Niche Marketing so attractive as once you have set up your links and have the traffic coming to your information then you can sit back and make money without doing anything except banking your cheques.

Is it easy money? Yes and No. No it is not easy money as it would have been hard work setting up your Surfing information and getting the traffic to your information. Niche Marketing is a competitive area and getting that traffic is not easy. However if you have done the work and have the traffic looking at your information and entertainment then Yes still making money while you sleep is easy money. Its a matter of opinion as to how much work it is if you have a subject that people a really interested about and there is no competition for the niche then you can make a lot of money

Are there scams?

Yes there are scams out there but they are surrounding programs that you join as part of your Niche Marketing which provide a small amount of help with your marketing and your payments go through there systems. You still get paid and make money put there seems to be a big cream off the top of your profits without really getting anything out of it.

What is not a scam?

Niche Marketing is very competitive to get the traffic on a profitable subject so if you are new to Niche Marketing you need to learn how to get the traffic and how to convert that traffic into money. Small changes can mean hundreds of dollars difference so the more your know the better you will do so try books on Niche Marketing and also there are online tutorials to teach you. These can cost a wee bit of money but think of it as a cheep university class to get that high paying job of Niche Marketing.

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