How To Easily Put Together A Newsletter To Send To Your Email List

A lot of people will say “I don’t just know what to write in some kind of a newsletter.”  I would tell you that if you find it hard to write a newsletter, stop thinking about writing a newsletter.  How about just writing a letter to a friend with news in it?  That sounds a lot easier doesn’t it?  We can all write letters to friends. 

The Easiest Way To Approach Writing a Newsletter

Most of the times when we’re writing letters to friends, we always tell them what’s new, so let’s take that approach instead of trying to write a “formal” newsletter.  If you don’t have a format that you normally use, you can copy this one and then you can massage it one way or the other as you see fit over time to fit your style. 

You’re going to have a topic introduction and you’re going to write some kind of an article on that topic and it should be actionable content, not just relevant content.  In other words, if you’re going to bother to write to somebody, you need to have in mind what the next step is for them to take.  You always need to give people the next step to take because if you don’t give them the next step to take, they may take the wrong step. So gently lead people to the next step.

After you have your topic introduction and your actionable content article, make a resource recommendation for a product of yours or someone else’s.  You may want to include a free gift, people always like that.  And then you can sign off and then in your P.S. or before you sign off your name, there’s three things that you can do. 

What To Include In Every Newsletter

The first thing is you tell them to take action now.  That’s the most important thing.  Help people understand that to get where they want to go, they have to take action.  So anything you can do to help them get up and get moving, you want to do in every communication that you do.  Remember, this is actionable content. 

Tell them to click the link.  Tell them to go to the website.  Tell them to listen to you on a teleconference.  Tell them to go to a live conference. 

The second thing is to remind them about something in the past. Maybe you spoke of something a week ago and you remind them – “you remember I mentioned the XYZ last week?  Well the deadline for that is coming up soon and if you haven’t taken the time to take a look or if you want to take another look before it expires, here’s the link one more time.”  So that’s just simply reminding people.

Third, give a preview hint of what’s coming up next.  Kind of the old cliffhanger or like at night on TV they’ll give a little teaser on the news of something happening and they leave it up in the air and they’ll say news at 11.  So create cliffhangers.  Create curiosity, you want to get them in the habit of opening up the email to see what in the world is he going to be talking about this time.

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