Best Ways To Get Your Site Or Blog Ranked

The best way to push your site up the ranks in google and the other search engines is as you may know with backlinks, but not just random backlinks across the Internet with no meaning and different topics.
Backlinks need to be of very good quality and from high page ranked sites, (I tend not to get backlinks of websites under Pagerank 3) google will pick up your backlinks much faster from high Pageranked sites and you will be able to see your site benefit a lot more from High PR sites.

Think about this little maths formula for a second,  10000 random backlinks across the web would be the same as 10 high quality backlinks from high pageranked sites, so whats the point in killing yourself getting as many links as you can when you could spend less time and effort getting highly targeted backlinks from high PR sites.

Logic tells you that its better to run with quality rather than quantity on this occasion.

For the last four weeks I have been pushing this method to a high end, and the results are just starting to become relevant now.. now that I’ve got my blog ranked each day its move up a page in google for the last 3 days, MUST TELL YOU THIS,,, I’ve not stopped writing articles for it, everyday or two writing new article and submitting to 20 sites.

Yes I know what your thinking an article everyday!!!! that’s alot and then submit to 20 articles will take hours,, THE TRUTH, hell yeah its hard work and yes it takes time but hell it works…!!!
Would it be better for you to keep getting backlinks to random sites or paying someone to do half a job? or even using software (Which Google HATES) ?
Its like the old saying, somethings are better done yourself and when it comes to ranking your site I believe the only true way and the best way to get your site or blog ranked is to follow these simple rules.

1. Start your blog or website.
2. Fill it with the content, including the keywords you are hoping to get ranked for
3. Submit your site to google and the other search engines.
4. Make sure you have good tools on your site to help with the SEO
5. Start writing articles one every 3 day max if you can, (the quicker you can write the quicker you will get ranked)
6. submit your articles to article directories
7. Only submit to high pagerank sites.
8. Repeat everyday or as offen as yo can to start building your high PR backlinks and increase your rank.

I know this is a very short explanation of the best way to get ranked in google, but if you can follow these steps you will start to build traffic, YES it will take time and YES it will be very hard work but is there an easy way to get ranked in google??

I think not!!

Well I’m sure there are some under ground tactics, but this is the right and FREE way to get ranked on Google. Articles are an amazing way to push your site up in the Google rankings and once you start writing articles I’m sure you will start to enjoy what you are doing, as there really is little point working online unless its something you love and have time to do the right way.
So remember the Best Ways To Get Your Site Or Blog Ranked is to use backlinks of a high pagerank and achieve this writing articles.

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Just a normal guy making a living online and i have to be honest, im loving it!!

I love beening online and working online beats every job ive ever done.

Looking forward to the coming years with the way the internet is growing.

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