Gimmicks, Promotions, and Stunts Can Make More Money For Your Business

If you ever wanted to figure out how to make more money from a business without spending so much for advertising, any business owner should take a look at the legendary Oakland Athletics owner during the 1970′s, Charles Finely.  Finely was famous for crazy promotions, stunts, and gimmicks that brought in the crowds and made a small market team with a very limited budget a very profitable endeavor.  From donkey races to free giveaways of promotional stuff, the fans loved it, and the money rolled in for the business savvy owner.

While you still see some of this mentality in some businesses, it seems like the ability to make more money with quirky and fun promotions and gimmicks is a lost art outside of Las Vegas.  The casino industry still functions on gimmicks, promotions and crazy entertainment ideas.  If you have Evel Knievel jumping over your business, you are going to bring in the customers.  Parachuting Elvis’, or maybe the proper term is Elvi, will also bring the crowds, and could give you masses of potential buyers.

If you want to make more money with these kinds of things you need to think outside the box, and figure out what personal connections you could tap into to help out.  Maybe you know someone who can jump motorcycles, or wear a clown suit and juggle bowling pins.  All kinds of silly things could bring people in, and entertain them too, which helps drive all kinds of businesses.  From grocery stores to nightclubs, promotion and good marketing is essential in ensuring that any business is known to the local clientele, and that the advertising is clear on establishing interest in the product or service being sold.

To make more money for your business, especially in these tough economic times, you will have to be both creative and efficient with your advertising and promotions.  Take a page or two from Chuck Finely, and do original and cost effective things to bring in the crowds.  You might have a friend who owns a camel, or know some hot dancing girls who can help you out.  If not, you can at least hire the snow cone guy or the high school marching band for a bargain price to promote your next great sales event.  It will never hurt to have a little fun with your advertising, and your customers will ultimately enjoy a little craziness once in awhile too.



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